The Eco Teams in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Volunteers can enjoy sunny weather, the relaxed company of kids, and being outdoors. You will be appreciated for what you bring the kids. We need treehouses, ultralights, good examples of earthfit living, home gardening, and above all, your love.

Most visitors are surprised to learn that you can buy a horse in Nicaragua for under $25. A common nuissance here is vampire bats. (Note 2 scars on neck of mare at left)

. Empty minds, healthy minds, ready to become earthfit

Girls love being creative. If society offers a higher cause, with daily acknowledgement and appreciation of their work, girls feel security, love, and accomplishment that brings psychological stability.
Yes, we do. Your worst nightmare.... children doing fun, and DANGEROUS things.

Danger sharpens attention. Just to stay alive you have to join the fast track and handle it elegantly. Kids instinctively love, and need that challenge. Too much safety bores kids.

Nature offers real playgrounds. "Schools" are poor counterfeits.

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the philosophical pages selected by the team leaders: Establishing a basis for our new culture
EN ESPAÑOL, Los Equipos Ecológicos: Los equipos limpian el medioambiente, dan dinero a los adolecentes, y quitan la delinquencia.
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