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DIRECTIONAL SOCIETIES are where we all get together to restore health. You can FEEL the movement and it feels GOOD! Because it's natural.

Just as the think-tanks missed the end of the Soviet Union in all their forcasts in the eighties, so now they're missing the boat on what's coming to the third world. Directional societies. Everyone becomes important. Out go wasteful governments and in come local eco-teams choosing their people from the village, bipassing incompetent politicians. In Africa that means everyone getting together to stop AIDS, in Amazonia it means stopping deforestation. It can be done now, but you've got to change the game. We're doing it.


The money a society earns goes to full employment in village improvement.

TV is used as a tool in this improvement. In present mismanaged societies, millions cheer sport events while real help to the community goes unnoticed. In directional societies real accomplishments are cheered, stories of environmental improvement become daily interest items throughout the land, on TV, in the press, and society gets healthier every day, not sicker, as it does now.

Obsolete societies get caught in a fatal circle of crime, caused by the NEED for the media to present crime reports to sell newspapers, and the need of the viewers and readers to indulge in these reports because there's a lack of interesting experiences in society. The result is the unintentional nourishment of crime.


In new societies we nourish the environment, each other, and the village, using the most efficient energy source on earth: human motivation. Our natural competition urge is kept, it's directed to daily teamwork activities. We've been doing this for 8 years in the Earthgardens. It works.

It costs less.

it gives purpose to life and transforms the village. It's the future. Without this EMOTIONAL involvement there WON'T BE ecology in South America, because politicians don't give it priority.

Save lives! JOIN IN!



Yet in present societies, fear has become a permanent state-of-being allowed to pollute all through life, and the media keeps it going.

FEAR IS THE BIGGEST LOCK IN THE UNIVERSE, closing the heart to love, and more fatally, to understanding.

To cultivate fear, instead of allowing children to confront it as they instinctively want to do, is to torture.

Unconfronted fear is the basis of genocide and ecocide. Directional societies zap the fear-mongers!

It starts in the first year of school with hands-on confrontation of commonly feared animals. Like bugs, frogs, toads, harmless snakes, spiders, etc.. The children learn just what part of the animal is dangerous and in what conditions. A tarantula, for example is not aggressive, and as such, harmless, but can bite if continually molested. These are the simple sub-conscious issues that must be confronted early if kids are to establish the habit of confronting their fears. As students progress, they move on to confronting everything else in society they fear, like drunks, different-looking people, darkness, other customs, etc.


The teacher brings a box of toads into the classroom and dumps them onto the table. The kids laugh and play and shriek as they become accustomed and learn that toads are harmless. Then they've established a lifetime association of toads with laughter and fun, and their fear is eliminated. Unfortunately, in schools today in Latin America, not only do teachers omit this important step in education, but add to the fears by teaching lies and superstitions, such as "all reptiles and amphibians are poisonous".

When kids learn to habitually confront and transcend their fears, a healthy society is in the making.


"Us vs. them" ..."The good guys and the bad guys." This erroneous preNeanderthal mindset is what makes genocide and holocaust possible, yet we continue fostering it to the tragic cost of society. Today's media dumps dualism on fresh minds at a million tons a second. No wonder the planet's in such bad health

All that has to stop

In school, when kids call names, the teacher directs attention to the mindframe of the name-caller, never at the victim, reminding the pupils that you see the real substance of a person by what they call others. Get pupils to laugh at name callers for exposing their weakness.

Dualism is imaginary, a construct of the mind, a dictatorial concept. Now we start creating images, soap operas and movies which show that it's not a case of the good and the bad, but of ordinary people under particular kinds of stress, and you confront the person's error, not the person, eliminating stress to fight crime.

Said the Prophet: "Just as the good cannot rise higher than the good that's within each one of us, so the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of us all."

Now, finally, society eliminates dualism and rises to new levels of cooperation.