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This is the


run by the Amazongarden Children.


The sembradores ( "planters” or “ sowers”) were established in 1990 by a group of kids in an art class given by Daniel Dalai with an interest in saving their local biodiversity. They planted trees and cleaned up pollution. The teams grew, recruiting visiting tourists to help them. But despite praise from as high as the president of Bolivia, who visited the teams, their efforts were mostly in vain, as there was no real interest by the local authorities or press to help, and the areas they cleaned often returned to garbage. The kids wanted to create a society of sustainable-beauty. This 37 page website, made between 1998 and 2002, is their presentation of a perfect formula for saving the biosphere, raising the self esteem of local children to protect their biodiversity with the internet audience for back-up. It planted the seeds of a culture which, unlike the failures of the world governments and their wasteful Copenhagen fiascos, did indeed reverse the destruction of the forest. This was Bolivia´s first website to the world in the early days of the internet. It’s a chronicle of the heroic efforts of the children of Bolivia completely ignored by the world press. These children have gone unrecognized and the jungle they tried so desperately to save has largely been destroyed.

Below, kids from a small rural village experience a PC for the first time. The computer, loaded with useful programs, was donated to the Sembradores by a kind-hearted engineer.

Angelica, first secretary of the sembradores and founder of the Court of the Princess in 1991.

Below Early members with pet monkey.

Where life is simple and relaxed, kids plant the seeds of a new society. A NEW CULTURE IS BORN !

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