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Princess Yapanepet, left, below in photo with her sister Clara, examines Daniela's coloring book the day she accpted the nomination to be ruling princess of the Earthgardens.

Princesses rule for 3 months, using exclusively the magic of benevolence, and distributing the gifts donated to the court of the princess to rural children.

JUNE 21, 1999:


her message:

I'm very grateful to represent, as reigning Amazongarden Princess, the beauty of this planet's biodiversity and new directional socieities.

Let's all use our creativity to make this garden Amazon blossom with beauty!

Here are some suggestions for improving the situation immediately:

I would like to see the BOLIVIAN ARMY become PROTECTOR OF THE ENVIRONMENT, putting out fires and dealing with the burners, and stopping illegal logging, instead of just sitting around wasting money.

POLITICAL PARTIES in Latin America should stop the horrible practice of puting campaign posters everywhere which tourists say is one of the ugliest most tasteless things about this continent. Political parties could funds town improvements like building public fountains, parks, bathrooms, recycling centers, dumps, etc., to show their merit, AND NOT WASTE public money on political campaigns for candidates uninformed on how to help their society,but well informed on filling their own pockets.

Volunteers, We must begin immediately to educate all families in Bolivia with the basic rules of health: burry your excrement, don't pollute water sources, don't burn living vegetation, consider plants and animals as living beings, etc. We have the program to introduce this to all rural schools, and we look forward to getting together with you to do it.(We can't do anything without your support) .

We call NGOs and volunteers to form action teams in all the Amazon to put out the fires. Please help us with radio communications equipment or funds if u can't come personally

I would like a European designer to help create the first ECO TEAM uniform shirts and blouses, the fashion of the next decade. (Email me for specifications).There are now over 700 schools waiting to participate in these teams which brings boys and girls together in constructive activity. Teams will leave school 2 days a week in improving the village, and work after school. Team shirts show beautiful regional insignia and work unit badge.

I suggest CHURCHES OPEN THEIR DOORS TO THE HOMELESS every night, and churchgoers serve them.

Let's get TV to start depicting PEOPLE WHO HELP OTHERS, and who HELP THE ENVIRONMENT as protagonists in movies and soaps, not people who kill.

Let's bring solar power to rural Bolivia, which offers perfect conditions for its use, lots of sun, and no power!.

We can get PUBLIC RECOGNITION of village improvement and forest presevation ON prime time TV AND IN THE PRESS every day with a little help from you. We've done it, it's popular, everyone tunes in to see who won prizes, and the kids feel so good when TV shows theirs works completed.

The expansion centers will be in each village, with workshops in woodcarving, ceramics, foundry casting, gold and silversmithing, painting, animal husbandry, butterfly farming, tree-farming and creating the banners and awards to be given to eco-teams and individuals promoting the beauty of their area. Teachers needed. Spend 2 to 6 months helping Mother Earth.

You can't imagine with what interest the rural children look at the beautifully illustrated books that've been donated. It stimulates something never touched in their lives. A sense of beauty and discovery...and that THEY can create beauty too. That's why so many want to take part. Open a heart, donate your favorite illustrated book. We'll show it to all the children in our kingdom. Books and videotapes will be passed from village to village.

We're building INDIVIDUAL small FAIRY-TALE HOUSES in the gardens for the kids, fully practical, to stimulate imagination and creativity. Email me if you'd like to help. Each house costs about $400, and we want styles from Scandinavia, China, Africa, etc, the best of each culture.

Street-theatre in rural villages, showing the stupidity of burning the forest just to plant corn. Make the kids laugh as the deforesters get a big kick in the behind, Join now, artists!

Film-makers, we need an image of children surrounding a small garden, representing a forest, lush with tall green plants, holding hands, walking around the circle, and then ugly people setting fire and cutting up the plants in this garden. Then the kids expulsing them. (see founder Daniel's message to green artists on page index-21)

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