"EN BOLIVIA AMAMOS LA NATURALEZA". Kids made the round stencils and we put whatever came to mind on these roadside signs from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba and Beni. Fast-track culture change. It's that easy.

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Guideline for future Leaders.


Why Psychology in USA has it all wrong, creating alarming rise in youth suicide. It's also why adults are massively programmed into believing kids aren't valid until they're 18, thus excluding them from what they do best. We are all victims of Modern society's Frontal Lobe Tyranny.


How the corporate elite and their controlled media have forced an agenda of war on a potentially transcendent and beautiful post-war golden age. The HUGE losses to humanity because of this fraud. Retardation of Spiritual Advancement and de-evolution of Consciousness which has all but ruined the Earth. How to reverse this Spiritual slump. The true role of leadership.


Elegant Futures for Post-Capitalist Earthfit Societies

The tree house community. The many and various Garden communities. Wildlife Reserve Communities. River communities. Sustainable Native living communities. Workshop communities, (blacksmithing, goldsmithing, stained glass, ceramics, glass-blowing, painting, woodworking, etc.). The Max-Ed Communities, where kids learn 4 languages before age 2.

Artist-run Societies, Diversity and Variation, enhancing the unique local charm, Improving on Nature. wholesome Media. The Affection factor as foundation.

Donating your land, leasing to a community, tuition and entrance exams,

Recycling the Mental Landscape



"Giant Monoliths of Present Reality nobody is looking at. Super-highways of error blindly leading the masses astray"

Life on Earth is about CONCIOUSNESS, not just the evolution of species.

Affection is the magic that advances consciousness, and the highest duty of humans on Planet Earth.


Guide for the children Navaratnas who take over the job of saving nature and improving their village from inept corrupt politicians in the 3rd world. Based on the very positive results in Bolivia, 1991-2002. THE GOSPEL OF HUMAN AFFECTION .

Daniel Dalai created an eco-culture in Eastern Bolivia that quickly changed public priorities through billboards, murals, TV spots, radio documentaries and Eco-Teams for all children.

Let's redo Earth! This time with LOVE.

Daniel Dalai

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New Symbols, New Education, New Priorities. Happy children.

From the Introduction of The Navaratnas Guide, by Daniel Dalai

WE HAVE so twisted and contorted children in modern Western society it’s no wonder nobody accepts that the can do anything better than adults. But children outside of the developed world, those in poorer less-talked-about countries are fortunately less twisted and more natural. And they have astounding ability to choose right and to make decisions better than adults. That’s right, the kids in the poorer countries are gold mines of human resources. They aren’t subject to rigid thought patterns that stifle development. It’s these rigid mental superstitions and horrible customs (like FGM) that ARE THE REASON these countries don’t develop. In rigid Islamic societies half the population, the women, are sabotaged, paralyzed mentally, from being creative. In these societies the children are better fit for creative innovation than the adults, simply because they haven’t been subject to so many years of crippling brain-conditioning.

So when we speak of letting children, particularly the gentler girls, make social decisions, it may sound ludicrous to Americans who’s schools and society have conditioned girls to think that they are more or less invalid until they “grow up”, and incapable of wise decisions (likewise, until they “grow up”) because their society has never let them decide on anything as children. The truth is, children make better decisions than adults, and we’ve proven it over and over in societies where kids are less programmed.

The natural child is, before they reach reproduction age, society’s main source of imagination and happiness. They bring a positive optimism to society. Their playfulness lessens feuding and bitterness; their joyful spontaneity mitigates adults who take themselves too seriously. They are less fanatic religiously, and their affection is more unconditional, healing all ill. Their decisions have been far wiser than those made by most adults.

I have seen child leaders in all the less developed countries; children who are recognized and accepted as leaders by the adults around them. I’ve seen 12 year old boys driving bulldozers,(Bolivia), 10 year-old girls handling the distribution of humanitarian aid, (Nepal), running the border crossing (Afghanistan, much more efficiently than all previous adults)….. Leading reforestation efforts (India)…. the list goes on and on. Kids are less corruptible than grown men, less greedy, more idealistic, more loving, more generous, and much quicker to learn from their mistakes and improve. They enjoy being significant in their society and feel a strong sense of purpose. On the contrary, in countries with very high rates of child suicide, like USA and Britain, children are by comparison quarrelsome, often selfish, opposed to their parents, rebellious and bitter. This is the natural result of their twisted social environment. Don’t blame them. It’s the fault of the authorities they are programmed to obey. (who like to say they are “raising” kids, when in reality they are mostly stunting them. Kids have amazing ability to "raise" themselves if allowed).

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