Inspired architecture awakens the imagination of children and will be a feature of the Earthgardens.Above, the Alhambra in Spain. A model for our expansion centers, and a painting from the genius of Ludwig II. ALL the UNEMPLOYED in the Earthgardens are allowed to work in the creation of BEAUTY. Each center will be different from all others, some known for their fantastic architecture, others for scientific research or botanical gardens or survival training or art studios.

LOVE, the essential ingredient to human cooperation, that magically endows a society with beauty and creativity.

A friend in Canada sent this lovely painting by Tim Hildebrandt, showing the kind of buildings we want for our centers.

Laura and Neida have contributed tons of healing good vibes to the Earthgardens in Guatemala. Visitors lend a hand in all expansion centers. We have had excellent cooperation from visitors who inspire the native population and provide the love needed to raise these societies out of despair. The colonial trauma has devastated the spirit of most Latin American societies, and it takes LOVE to de-traumatize them. Throwing money at the problem only increases the bureaucracy. We have seen over and over the power of human affection to cure social dysfunction. This is the future of social aid: love, not just money.



Open 24 hours in every village, uplifting all visitors with inspiration

The Centers will be the social meeting place for the change to ecological culture

and upward-opportunity centers.

1. Clinics, Disease control in every village. .

2. Conflict resolution, aggression absorbtion, crisis center.

3. Art and Crafts, producing the hundreds of decorative signs denoting beauty zones, houses for homeless, and artistic public works.

4. Eco-teams, involving every school-child in the village.

5. Survival and martial arts skills. ALL sports in the Earthgardens are teamwork/survival oriented.

6. Gardens and nursuries. Composting, recycling center. ALL households recycle.

7.Bulletin board for people wanting to contact, sell, buy, transport, etc.

8. Soup kitchen, where villagers can contribute to feeding the poor.

9. Music and Theatre, free instruments for all interested in developing their talent, street theater, recording equipment.

10. Clean restrooms, Water, showers, washing facilities.

All of these basic human services are currently UNAVAILABLE in almost all villages in Latin America.

Above, Rosa paints a team banner. Concentrated attention is the key to discipline, natural, not artificial,( forced ), discipline. Natural discipline is the ONLY discipline at the centers, and there is so much going on, kids are eager to participate.

The expansion centers are the roots of the new child-based culture dedicated to saving nature in Latin America. More playful, more educational, more imaginative, and visiting worldwide artists lead the activities. Here village kids can hear classical music, look through microscopes and telescopes, roller-skate or dive under water, join in folksongs and dance, make quality art that sells, or just enjoy the positive vibes of being with people who love them, raising self image and desire to learn. This new outlook is direly needed in Central and South America where vandalism abounds and most childhoods are vacant of dreams and without goals. If you have a heart for children, and a skill, we invite you to come help at the expansion centers.
Meet Mariela. As gentle and unassuming as she is, she's your superior, because she harms nobody, You have spun vast mental lies to make yourself appear better than kids even as your hands are covered with blood, through the taxes you pay and the people you elect. Listen to the children. The lesson is DO NO HARM.

Behold this latest-generation stealth weapon in her hand, the butterfly. It's more valuable than your whole defense department, because it makes war obsolete by not harming anyone. Abandon all that harms. Stop the production of bombs, of bullets, of land mines, of missiles, of guns, mortars, grenades, burning devices, disease-causing devices, turn off all weapons factories, stop dark research, cancel military-contracts, delete military files, remove all military personnel to benevolent jobs, making the Earth beautiful, saving the biosphere. Limit your activities to doing good only. Your military is harmful. It is not viable. It brings misery, not security. It causes retrogressions in the cosmic advance of consciousness. It creates knots in the etheric net-mind that will take generations to undo, delaying us on our journey to bliss. Your war on terror is a war you must fight within, not on the physical plane. Abandon all activities that offend people and you will win the war on terror. Each person you kill creates terrorists of those who loved them. You are CREATING terrorism by killing. Behold Costa Rica, with no army. Become like Costa Rica, abandon your army peaceably. Follow Costa Rica, SAY NO to all that is military. .

Create beauty, not war machines. The Earthgardens will show how to direct the 48% of the entire world's spending currently being wasted by the US military and put it to good use.

What converts a poor third world child...



Meet the moving force of history. A sleeping giant of human energy soon to be awakened in the Earthgardens as society turns to the task of saving the biosphere.

ABOVE, Naturesaver Veronika displays proudly a vase from the YAMPARA culture given to her by a supporter. The Yampara lived in the Cochabamba area between 1200 and 1500 A.D., and are a complete mystery, although their art shows us a very advanced culture.

It's time to rethink society in South America, and with the introduction of the earthgardens, it's happening now. Bolivia has one great advantage to start with, it is a peaceful society. Visitors are astonished to notice that children hardly ever cry here, and don't fight with their siblings. Experts say it has a lot to do with the way kids pass their first year, as passive observers on the backs of their mother or older sisters, always in contact with the human body 24-7, NEVER left alone, in a society where playpens, strollers and prams dont exist, and breast-feeding is 100% universal, and completely accepted in public. Perhaps the more "developed" societies of the north have something to learn here.

ABOVE: A rare photo of the AYOREO indians. While early encounters with the unfriendly Ayoreo were usually disasterous for the colonists, these Indians were anything but hostile. In fact they crowded in so close while Daniel was sitting on the sidewalk he had to hold the camera flat against his chest to get this picture.

Above, Charro shows team members the new website she helped create in 1998.

There is beauty everywhere.

REAL poverty is when you can't see it because of your social programming.

EcoTeam from the Bolivian badlands get gift pens and school supplies from a generous donor in England.

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