Kids are being tortured even today

and nobody is doing anything.


Let's put an end to harmful practices done in the name of tradition

Human beings haven't really woken up yet on this planet. Stupid traditions are a case in point, they're not the exception, they're the rule. All through history, people have kept practicing crippling customs because of the blind dictate of conventionality, continuing endlessly with harmful, degrading, even fatal habits.

Now, in setting up CONSCIOUS SOCIETIES, we chuck dumb traditions, old mental dictatorships. Drop them all. One tradition we keep: the tradition of intelligent human beings to continually upgrade their belief systems to keep pace with consciousness.

There are hundreds of ridiculous customs, but let's eliminate first the most flagrant, painful and destructive ones.


Practiced in 28 African countries.

BBC estimate:140 million women affected today. We're not going to let that keep happening. This barbarity is easily eliminated. With less than 1% of the money being spent on arms or locked into Swiss bank accounts from these countries, this custom is uprooted and relegated to history, and millions of young girls are saved from the trauma.


This custom of killing baby girls because tradition favors boys must be shown to be stupid and inhuman by an influx of art, movies and street theatre in rural villages showing the absurdity and cruelty of this tradition Mostly practiced in China, where tradition discriminates against girls, and India, where stupid traditions require girls' parents to pay high prices to get their daughters married, causing poor people to think they can't afford to have girls.

3. WAR

It's obsolete, But still being glorified in the media. It will take moving beyond "democracy" to hook media up to ending war. It's being done at the Earthgardens.

4. THE NON-FORGIVERS (Religious fanaticism)

This stuff is very, VERY VOLATILE. This mindset is a social cancer. Wrap barbed wire around your body and roll down a hill to see how it feels to be THIS TENSE in one's mind. Their abuses to others, everywhere in the world, are just the misplaced desire to escape from this mindframe. Societies which allow the unchecked spread of this PREVENTABLE disease are partly to blame for the victims. WeŽll have none of this rubbish in our new culture


Natural appreciation of the beauty of youth is as old as humanity itself and is a joy that binds the young and old. This joy adds to social tranquility and happiness, but when blocked, creates tension, in the form of depression, anxiety, and obsession. By repressing the natural bond between young and old, (as in the US today, criminalizing all casual association, where even to look at a child for more than a passing glance can arouse police action), society creates crime, teen and preteen depression and suicide, and the sexualization of youth.

The natural appreciation of the beauty of youth is no more "sexual" than the awe of the cathedral effect among tall trees is "logging lust", or the appreciation of a beautiful meadow is "real estate greed". Friendship with a child adds joy and playful detachment to life. Mediocre mind cannot access the finer sentiments of joy, so attributes all motives to baser sentiments. The wholesome interaction of young and old is healthy, to be encouraged in society.

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Charro says South American kids are ready for a SENSIBLE CULTURE. They deserve it. This page created by naturesaver Mariela, sept. 1998, in Comarapa, Bolivia.(gateway to one of the most awesome cloud forests in the world, Parque Carasco). Thanks for your contageous smile, Mariela. Your eco-team was a huge success, thanks to your cheerful leadership and charm.