A lighter age. And it follows the age of the caterpillar.

The age that's just past was the age of the caterpillar. The caterpilar is the grand preparer, busy just eating, growing...devouring.

The industrial age... consuming.

Now... The butterfly. It's natural. You can see it happening if you take your mind away from the noise for a while.

Butterflies don't grow, they hardly eat. The caterpillar did all the eating. It's time for finer things.

Experiments show that butterflies see a spectrum of colors wider than the spectrum we humans see.

Their wings have colors we see as white, but which aren't white. They are colors we don't even have names for, because we can't see them. To the butterfly, who here becomes our teacher, we must seem quite blind!

The age of the butterfly means looking for unseen colors and treading lightly now, not ravaging nature for profits.

It's no longer valid to cut down trees to make a SALE, to earn money, or to ruin the Earth in any other way. That was caterpillar mind.

Humanity is through devouring, and now starts nourishing. It will happen even if we don't do anything. We'll be forced to tend the sick and dying if we don't change to good ecological habits now. We start healing now.

You can't force caterpillarness forever.

Wouldn't we look stupid defending the cocoon after the butterfly has emerged...

We prepare our minds for the age of the flutterby now, because that's where we have all the excess weight, in the mind. We have to lighten up.

More imagination, no violence. Tao, Zen. being gentle, like butterflies.

Butterflies don't leave traces. They don't fight, they just play. BUTTERFLIES DON'T OPPOSE. Opposition only strengthens the thing you're opposing, creates more mass.

What's happening in the cocoon?

That intelligent force which makes a new butterfly also works on minds, doing the same artistry on conceptual structures. If we're stupid, (which, it seems, we are), we'll have our minds so full of petty squabbling we won't even notice that we're butterflies, and will continue manifesting caterpillarness in ever thicker layers of reinforced concrete.

The problem is, butterflies can't fly with all this concrete.

In our MERIT-based society, one's perception of beauty is a quality for advancement.

Below, a new team on its first day of activity in Nicaragua, 2011.

Above: Yolanda, sporting a rather poorly painted, but nicely cut, t-shirt of the Primer Equipo. Eastern Bolivia is noted for its beautiful girls, and Yolanda, member of the Primer Equipo of her town, is no exception.

Sandra paints one of the hundreds of t-shirts promoting "SEMBRADORES BOLIVIA"

The earthgardens bring a brand new approach to human society, never before tried, and conceived first by us, for the advancement of consciousness. We transcend the artificial and harmful patriarchal framework of good and evil, discarding it in favor of HUMANIZING human desires. Instead of forbidding things, which creates evil and strengthens the desire, we humanize them, making them all beneficial to the individual and to society.

WE ARE MAKING A NEW CULTURE: Where children are not held back until they become adults, but actively participate in shaping their world.

We believe in a society where the leadership draws out the best in each person, puting the BEST in view... ..high culture, good taste, wise rulership. This promotes cultivation of good habits. We have no scandal newspapers, TV or films. The eco teams present their films of improving their village every evening on TV. These films, presented by the girl leaders, are highly entertaining, except to pathological prudes, who find them scandalous, perhaps.

It will be a society that esteems BEAUTY and natural BIODIVERSITY.

1. Every human becomes earthfit (non-harmful to the environment, leaving no traces).

2. Provide higher purpose for each person, instead of just "a job". Re-greening the Earth.

3. Tap vast human resources (altruism is everywhere, but it must be recognized from the top) to meet local needs.

4. Our RELIGION: Clean water, clean earth, clean air. Divine! (On a personal level: Clear the mind: Cultivate AWARENESS ).

5. Economy: Gold and silver currency provided by local artists. Energetics (tapping human happiness), is the new economics. ABSOLUTELY NO WASTE.

6. Government: Benevolence, CEO-STYLE, Artist-run. Self-sufficient MERIT- based communities. No police, no prisons, no vandal capitalism. Individual enterpreneurship, yes. Green capitalism, yes.

7. CLEAN MEDIA assisting improving the EARTH. Instead of depicting crime, TV used to establish good habits, like eco-team activity and village improvements.

8. At the Earthgardens, the rule is: MAKE IT GOOD, donīt FORBID IT. Make it beneficial to all.

Above, page from one of the thousands of coloring books given as gifts.

A friend from New Zealand sent the girls this lovely photo. Thank you Laura.

WHAT DO 3rd-WORLD GIRLS WANT?. :Laura and team answer questions from readers, throwing open the dungeons of taboo. 2011
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