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Freddy's Idea

This is Freddy. He's showing us the flowers of the giant water lily known as "Reyna Victoria" in the Amazon. The lillies come every year, but the people are acustomed to throw rubbish in the ponds and have never been taught to appreciate the plants.

When Freddy received a gift coloring book and heard of the eco-teams, he presented us with an idea: "Why couldn't he and his neighbors take care of this stand of lilies, removing the dead leaves and telling the locals not to throw trash onto the huge floating plants." Freddy wants to convert the large ponds in back of his town (here shown in the dry season)into a lilly garden. The eco-team in his town has given him the go-ahead, pending some help from our internet audience, and is preparing the beautiful prizes for the kids who, like Freddy, want to create a tourist attraction.

An Eathgarden moment. - Freddy is a creator of beauty and the Earthgardens exist to provide the infrastructure to put noble ideas like Freddy's into reality. Let the Gardens flourish!

We took Freddy's idea to reigning Princess Gabriela, (below). She discussed it with her assesors and they agreed. The Court of the Princess would assist Fred with his garden idea, thus entitling the project throughout the Amazon region! Thank you Freddy, thank you Gabriela.

NEW CULTURE IS ALWAYS CONSCIOUS CULTURE, and is envigorating. Social decay results from the lack of consciousness, TV dumbing down, and excessive, habitual ease.

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