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2015, Global Year of



Eva Rosario of Guatemala, The present Nature Princess, is of Mayan descent and speaks the Tzutujil language.

She lives in a humble dwelling with dirt floor. She gives awards for great thinkers, announces important needs of a well run world: uniting the kind-hearted, the intuitive, and the natural inovators. She laments the media obsession over children as helpless victims instead of dynamic creative entities which they are. She would like to connect the most beautiful and bright girls of her court (see below) with the brilliant perceptive minds of this era, hoping the genius, and the inspiration, get transfered and passed on. ______________________________________

Outgoing princess Viviana. The nature princess represents all the plants and animals being killed by human error. She receives gold and silver to pass on to the eco teams in the form of goldflowers and seeds of merit, using the beauty of these precious metals to promote wholesome habits.

She grants the Benevolence Awards to people healing the Earth, and she embodies the new definition of nobility; not inherited, only for the rich, but a recognition of noble character anywhere. She symbolizes a new role for kids in benevolent society. __

Girls learn to paint at one of the temporary sites of the Court of the Princess, above,and computer lessons for all. Below Koreliana helps create a Maya image.

JUNE 21,2010, KEYSI (above), becomes leader of the Court of the Princess.


Young girls are better at leading society than adults. Grown-ups may be useful as servants to 10 year old girls or boys, but they've proven hopeless at governing our world. They've ruined the planet! Proliferating insane military toys at the cost of basic human needs, they've destroyed the biosphere permanently, while confining kids to mind-control prisons called school instead of allowing free imagineering to create wholesome garden communities.

It's time for children to be heard. Medical science tells us the human body is healthiest at ten years of age, and girls at that age are humanity's treasure trove of good ideas, and at the peak of imagination.

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