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Daniel was penniless when he arrived in Bolivia, having lost his entire collection of ancient coins. He says it's a good experience. "Everyone should live a few years without money. I discovered the treasure greater than gold, human affection, known in Spanish as cariņo (car-EEN-yo)."

Gail and her sisters, bubbling with cariņo, are distributing pencils, pens, notebooks and other supplies to their friends. A generous unknown friend in England donated 270 dollars for these gifts. (The Bolivian bank charged $30 for the transaction, which we find a bit high.)

Bolivia is one of the richest countries in the world, full of infectious CARIŅO, healing the soul. If only some of the "developed" countries could be so rich, but they have criminalized spontaneous cariņo pretty much out of existence, replacing it with the addictive poverty of materialism.

When you come to Bolivia, give gifts, and stay long enough to get to know the people and their affection. You'll see why they're considered among the happiest people in the world.

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