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March 21, 2002, Rosalba takes over the leadership of the Earthgardens

Above, Princess Rosalba initiated a massive mural painting program in her town, covering over ugly obsolete political grafitti.

Below, In a typical sembradores moment, Rosalba puts on the gold belt of sovereignty while her courtiers present the symbols of power,... in this case seven baby mice. (It seems the cat ate the mother mouse)

Rosalba in front of her banner, featuring the abstract tiger taken from textiles found in a 1000-year-old royal WARI tomb.

Rosalbas murals and stencils made locals aware of the importance of Parque AMBORO to the supply of fresh water in Bolivia and the habitat of one of the worlds richest biodiversity. Dozens of roadside murals...especially in villages around the cloud forest and parques carasco and amboro. Unfortunately her reign ended on a sad note, when all earthgardens activity was stopped when agents of the US Bush administration destroyed the works on april 23. At this time Bolivia was basically under the mandate of USA, and it seems they didnīt want a new social paradigm favoring nature above corporate economy. All banners, tools, and educational material were confiscated and never returned.

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