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June 21, 2001, Princess Reyna takes over as spiritual head of the Earthgardens for 3 months. She works with Puma Team IV that confronts hunters. As princess she will bring peace and tranquility, as she´s very centered, with a Tao-like calm. Her first silver campaign award goes to eco-team 18 in Morango for saving an ancient village tree from the chain saws. Vera, Antonio, Leida and Marcos succeeded in preventing the cutting of the tree by refusing to move away when the municipal chain saws arrived. Reyna says let this be an example of the power of children to save their natural treasures from destruction by uneducated authorities. Her favorite PC wallpaper, the fairygarden pictured below, contributed by an email friend. Kids, can you find the fairies?


In 1998, when the internet came to Bolivia, Marleni opened this website with a call for kids of the world to guard their local forests, lakes and rivers by puting pictures of these natural treasures here on this site and declaring themselves local guardians. No response. An idea which would have raised the self-respect of 3rd world kids, while helping draw world attention to the beauty of environments in threat of destruction, AT NO COST whatsoever was ignored by the world press. Not a word, even though the children contacted the press and asked for coverage. In 1998 130 rural schools in Bolivia joined this web project to save their local hi-diversity forests from immediate burning, but unfortunately nobody helped to this day and most of these invaluable biodiversity areas have been burned. In 1999 Princess Yapanepet called on the Bolivian army to become protectors of the forests, no response. Im 1998 Bolivia had 54% of its original forests intact, according to gov. sources. Now it's below 40%. Maybe it's time to redirect the media. We can save the life support system of this planet and there's lots of energy on the local level, but media is what unites local activities with world interest and network media isn't doing that. The sembradores have developed and field-tested a new culture which saves biodiversity. It works. Let's give it a chance, and let Reyna and others like her be a hero for a while

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