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June 21, 2001, Princess Reyna takes over as spiritual head of the Earthgardens for 3 months. She works with Puma Team IV that confronts hunters. As princess she will bring peace and tranquility, as she´s very centered, with a Tao-like calm. Her first silver campaign award goes to eco-team 18 in Morango for saving an ancient village tree from the chain saws. Vera, Antonio, Leida and Marcos succeeded in preventing the cutting of the tree by refusing to move away when the municipal chain saws arrived. Reyna says let this be an example of the power of children to save their natural treasures from destruction by uneducated authorities. Over 100 kids joined her eco-teams and became the force for ecology in her barrio.

The sembradores have developed and field-tested a new culture which saves biodiversity. It works. Let's give it a chance, and let Reyna and others like her be a hero for a while

Suyen, with gift unicorn from the Earthgardens leadership. She originated the "Public Washing Ceremony" in her town to cleanse the minds of pathological adult Nicaraguans who teach kids to see their bodies as "filthy and shameful". Thank you Suyen. Once this edict became known, the negative minds were silenced.
And now a lesson: LISTEN, WORLD LEADERS...

Step out of your FEAR of being considered DIFFERENT, and embrace a new social system that works.

All it takes to make a better culture is ordinary people, and a desire to do something significant. Here Tacu, center, first eco-team leader in BENI (the Bolivian low Amazon), with siblings.


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