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Responding to the questions from people living where it's taboo to give even eye-contact (let alone life-giving affection) to kids. (mainly USA, UK, and the Fundamental Islamic states)

How to treat 3rd-world girls.

1. 3rd-world girls ARE highly romantic, though shy. None of the social games that take place in school in USA (dating, going steady, etc.) happen here. Girls enjoy admiration and affection, but most of all acknowledgement of their abilities by engaging those abilities.

DON'T ask the stupid-adult questions: "how old are you?" and anything about school. (sadly, these are the only associations 95% of adults can come up with when around kids. A PATHETIC reality).

2. Acknowledge that kids are superior to adults. Health-wise, latest-generation intelligence-wise, feeling-wise, intuition-wise, living in the moment-wise. What else IS there? (Adults spend billions trying to get back to this ability in meditation, surgery, etc.)If you see yourself as superior to a child, you're dreaming, and have illusions of grandeur, which kids sense and prefer to avoid.


A. LEARNING. Kids instinctively gyrate toward the activity with highest learning potential. Bring them a musical instrument, all kinds of art skills, producing useful things, cooking, singing, dancing, tree-climbing, diving, swimming, skating, hang-gliding, operating all kinds of engines, trampoline. If you offer any such skills kids will be with you naturally without any need for billion-dollar school budgets. Never REQUIRE learning, just present it. they will choose what they want. Be sure the learning is not all mental. You should spend half a day at the river (or other strong physical exercise) before sitting down to book-work. This is the optimum balance for best learning.

B. IMAGINATION. Kids love humor! mime, slapstick, pretending, street-theatre, stories, anything to expand the boring restrictions and mind-limits adults have imposed on them. Let the very young command, humiliate, and embarrass you, exaggerating your pain and fear as they laugh. The reason grown-ups submit so readily to tyranny is partly because, as kids, they were never allowed to reverse the submission-to-adults paradigm. In every encounter, expand the imagination horizons.

A child that hasn't felt love for wild animals is a poor child for life.

C. AFFECTION. Poor countries are poor because of lack of love, not lack of money. The more love you have for kids in poor countries, the more they'll learn from you, and the more you bring their society out of poverty. Kids are magnets for affection. They soak it up like flowers do water and they blossom! Learning without affection (read: most schools) is the learning of punishment and breeds hate and revolt, in the form of gangs, vandalism, etc..

D. A HIGHER PURPOSE. Unfortunately present society offers no higher purpose than being dumbed-down consumers. The Earthgardens will change that!

Give, give, give. All people in poor countries feel resentment that all the riches are in other countries and none for them. So they are pleased to get ANY GIFT. It's much easier to make kids in poor countries happy than in rich countries. Give wisely, not candy to sustain their sugar addiction, but healthy, educational, useful things.

1. There is no better mental activity than concentrated art-work. It promotes meditation, establishes good habits, and sharpens the mind. These girls are painting t-shirts, a daily activity at the expansion centers.
A flood-damaged photo. In this case the artwork of the floodwater actually enhances the dreamlike quality of the picture. Many photos were lost to water damage.

With children, minds start clean. You get what you program. And that determines what kind of society you have.

Girls have brilliant contributions of imagination and creativity to offer their society unmatched by any other social group. But a badly directed society can completely stifle and ruin this creativity, and this is what we have in America and worldwide today, sadly. Repressed and silenced imaginations, before age 2, and ever-more repressed as kids grow up, thanks to the harmful values imposed by the dominant global education, media, and religious currents.

Send in your questions about education and they will be answered from an Earthgardens point-of-view here as best we can. The Earthgardens is a social model optimising the benefits of girls' imagination to their society and the benefits of great minds of the age contributing to the expansion of children's minds by educational interaction.


Q. Do the girls write these messages?

A. No. None of the girls on this website speak English, and like George Bush or Obama, they have scriptwriters.

The girls agree to represent the ideas, on a website that was established to present the philosophy of benevolence, and allow otherwise-forgotten kids to benefit in showing themselves to the world.

Q. Don't you think the George Carlin video is inappropriate for kids?

A. Kids are natural explorers of the borders of reality. The George Carlin clip shows them a fascinating border of social reality. It's the adults who have a problem here. Adult mind may see only obcenity, or may have been programmed to be disgusted, so they suffer anxiety, but the child mind sees surfing on the wave of taboo so elegantly that you get massive applause for saying things the rest of us get punished for saying. To do that you need to be skilled, and kids soak up these skills. Humor is king here. Humor smashes taboo totally here, and anything that smashes taboo elegantly is healthy for society.

Q. How do you remove the cult of sexuality from society so girls can contribute their imagination?

A. By designing and puting into place a media which helps, not aggravates social cohesion. By exposing and featuring healthy role models instead of always violence and sex. The worst possible menu for a society of people living together is to show the police reports every day, the crimes of the day on local TV , and NOT show the people who have benefited their village that day or have done good deeds. This daily menu of CRIME will kill a society off, while increasing fear, mistrust, and social division. Its first victim is imagination. Girls are punished for trusting others, for giving affection freely, for presenting ideas which aren't politic'ly-correct, for talking with strangers, for falling in love, for trying to escape a stifling life-frame and for questioning authority. All this leads to enstrangement from society for girls, which increases the danger and hightens the tension. The healthy interaction between children and society is the cure for this horrible cult which has led to so many child suicides in USA.


This is the cornerstone of life for benevolent people, and such people become the cornerstones of leadership in benevolent governance.


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