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Above, Tacu, (center) with siblings. He's the team leader for his village in the Amazon rainforest. The effects of deforestation have caused him and his neighbors to suffer from draught, strong winds which ruin the banana trees, and drying up of the river making it unnavigatable in the dry season. Many of the children in his village suffer from eye swelling and infection caused by weeks of smoke during seasonal forest burning. No authority can stop this habit of forest burning. The Earth cries out for an authority that can.

Instead of putting our attention on countries, with political foundations, let's establish gardens, more natural biological regions, with much older roots, and let's associate OURSELVES with these gardens. We can call them earthgardens, biological zones, like our Earthgarden Amazon, the biggest garden on the planet!

There are over 2000 species of BIRDS living in this garden alone. More than in any other garden. It's worth saving, and if "democracies" aren't up to the task, (they aren't) benevolent leadership of ANY form should do it.

(we suggest benevolent MERITOCRACIES). Biodiversity is more valuable than passing human fashions. Let's get to work.

"Nature is the only book, every page of which offers a content of greatness" Goethe

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