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Princess Marcela (center,above) at an eco-art exposition

Naturesaver Marcela is one of the most outspoken and flamboyant of the Sembradores. She was the first leader when it started in the early 90s. She's affectionate and fearless. One of the great leaders of the movement, with Carmen.

Everywhere they go, Earthgardens kids practice art.

Developed World Brain Dead, says princess Marcela


Could the countries in the industrial north please let-up just for a moment on the


they have on our minds, maybe, so imagination could flow?

Here in the 3rd world, all the worldwide radio services have exactly the same news, in exactly the same order. And it's news which is selected to uphold a certain limited view of reality and the corporate mandate. TV is the same, it comes from USA, and the programs are designed to uphold existing authority. "Other" people, like you and your neighbors, are depicted as untrustworthy and suspicious, especially if they have different ideas.

maybe? just once?, could a protagonist be...

a person with a different vision of the world, or an appreciation of biodiversity?

Is there any neurological activity in the developed world which doesn't come from the ruling corporate-military establishment? If there is, it's not visible in South America.

And that's leading to another form of starvation, as bad as malnutrition.

Starvation of the


Carmen (above, with sword) 1989-90, founder and inspire-in-chief, with Marcela


Jungle reunion, Nicaragua.

12 meters above ground.! Normal activity at Earthgardens Schools.


The Eco Teams in Central America. Volunteers can enjoy sunny weather, jungle, the relaxed company of kids, and being outdoors. You will be appreciated for what you bring the kids. We need gardens, treehouses, solar power, ultralights, vegetarian cooking, music, and above all, your love.

Most visitors are surprised to learn that you can buy a horse in Nicaragua for under $25. These boys ride all day bareback.

. Empty minds, healthy minds, redy to become earthfit

your worst nightmare.... children doing fun, and DANGEROUS things.

Danger sharpens attention. Just to stay alive you have to join the fast track and handle it elegantly. Kids instinctively love, and need that challenge, lamentably absent in developed world schools..

Nature offers real playgrounds. "Schools" are ...... best .. .... counterfeits.

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