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The first Eco Team - 1991.

This photo was under muddy water for three days in a 1998 flood. Once very rare, flooding has become a yearly phenomenon in Bolivia, due to deforestation.


The Amazon eco-teams address four major problems of third world societies at once. They protect the natural environment, improve rural villages, and offer jobs to the unemployed. At the same time, they raise individual self-esteem and encourage good habits. What distinguishes the eco-teams from other environmental efforts is their activity at the broad lower level of society through funds applied directly to local, native workers, rather than funneling money through governments. Trials with the eco-teams in the Amazon rainforest between 1990 and 2002 proved favorable. the teams have no political affiliations, but work alongside local governments to stimulate micro-economies. Their highest cause is in the awakening of the human spirit, thus allowing people to discover the talent, creativity and power within to improve their lives and surroundings

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