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"THE MOST DANGEROUS THING IN THE WORLD IS MEDIOCRE MIND" said Albert Einstein. He was right. (he also said imagination is more important than intelligence. He is one of our heroes)

Mediocre mind is the only REAL enemy. mired in greed, envy, profit, jealousy, .... Mediocre mind's principal emotion is FEAR, fear of change, fear of diversity, fear of anything unfamiliar. Mediocre mind has destroyed nature on this planet, wastes resources on invented wars and obsesses in repression and control. Itís time to transcend mediocre mind.

In every society there should be a place of superior insight and taste, where people can find inspiration and the finer things in life that uplift the spirit. The natural place for that is in


Benevolent rulership inspires and enobles, demonstrating the power of love in solving problems, not bombs or prisons. It's THIS TRADITION that we choose to follow in our new culture.

Above, Jenifer headed an 8-person eco-team in Trinidad, Beni. (4 boys and 4 girls)

Below, Leader Suyen. Bright girls, presently ignored by deficient educational systems in Central America, are capable of instinctive recognition of BEAUTY, and in Earthgarden society, they take joy in creating beauty.
Below, A lovely model for the expansion centers, a thai temple. Beautiful buildings inspire kids with awe and creativity which lasts a lifetime, improving the whole society. Money should be directed to that, not military or political bureaocracies. No useless politicians in the Earthgardens, just people improving the village.

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