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Here are some unpublished photos showing a few of the banners and paintings by the Sembradores. Below, two team banners seen on the wall behind Vikky. The one at left bears ancient Tiahuanaco designs on the borders, as well as two local butterfly species as main motives.
Below, Natali distributes hojas para pintar in front of a bambi banner. These art banners were painted for individual members to hang on their walls.

The twin unicorns usually adorned local centers to incite imagination among the kids. Here Velela with pet.

A rare photo of a banner in the making. Natali applies water to create a cloudy effect with purple and blue.
Vikki chose as her personal banner an enlargement of her GOLDFLOWER she issued as prizes, in .925 silver and .900 fine gold (3.2 grams, struck over Austrian bullion coins). (see page index-15)

Lourdes in front of the banner of the court of the princess in Bolivia, which she painted

Cheli and Teresa in front of the 6-doves banner of Jan, 2002. Teresa wears blouse bearing the shield of the personal atache of leader Daniel Dalai. She virtually ran the whole movement in its last days, with Cheli and Jessica.

many educational banners such as this one were painted to adorn schools, events, parks, etc. Reads "The Bolivian forest, BIODIVERSITY, the most valuable treasure of the country"