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What converts a poor third world child...



Meet the moving force of history. A sleeping giant of human energy soon to be awakened in the Earthgardens as society turns to the task of saving the biosphere.

ABOVE, Naturesaver Veronika displays proudly a vase from the YAMPARA culture given to her by a supporter. The Yampara lived in the Cochabamba area between 1200 and 1500 A.D., and are a complete mystery, although their art shows us a very advanced culture.

It's time to rethink society in South America, and with the introduction of the earthgardens, it's happening now. Bolivia has one great advantage to start with, it is a peaceful society. Visitors are astonished to notice that children hardly ever cry here, and don't fight with their siblings. Experts say it has a lot to do with the way kids pass their first year, as passive observers on the backs of their mother or older sisters, always in contact with the human body 24-7, NEVER left alone, in a society where playpens, strollers and prams dont exist, and breast-feeding is 100% universal, and completely accepted in public. Perhaps the more "developed" societies of the north have something to learn here.

ABOVE: A rare photo of the AYOREO indians. While early encounters with the unfriendly Ayoreo were usually disasterous for the colonists, these Indians were anything but hostile. In fact they crowded in so close while Daniel was sitting on the sidewalk he had to hold the camera flat against his chest to get this picture.

Above, Charro shows team members the new website she helped create in 1998.

There is beauty everywhere.

REAL poverty is when you can't see it because of your social programming.