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Left, Yolanda, sporting a rather poorly painted, but nicely cut, t-shirt of the Primer Equipo. Eastern Bolivia is noted for its beautiful girls, and Yolanda, member of the Primer Equipo of her town, is no exception.

The earthgardens bring a brand new approach to human society, never before tried, and conceived first by us, for the advancement of consciousness. We transcend the artificial and harmful patriarchal framework of good and evil, discarding it in favor of HUMANIZING human desires. Instead of forbidding things, which creates evil and strengthens the desire, we humanize them, making them all beneficial to the individual and to society. All truly sick desires are nothing but healthy desires driven to extremes by sustained repression. We humanize them while they’re still healthy, thus liberating and harnessing a whole new source of human energy.

choosing a new culture

We have chosen a new culture. It will be a society that esteems beauty and natural biodiversity.

1. Every human becomes earthfit (non-harmful to the environment).

2. Provide higher purpose for each person, instead of just "a job".

3. Tap vast human resources (altruism is everywhere, but it must be recognized) to meet local needs.

4. Our RELIGION: Clean water, clean earth, clean air. Divine! (2nd level: Clear the mind:Separate AWARENESS from mind pollution).

5. Economy: No borrowing, no lending. Gold and silver currency provided by local artists.

6. Government: Benevolence, all volunteer. MERIT- based. No police. Hunters forbidden, including man-hunters. People enjoy doing what they like with like-minded people.

7. CLEAN MEDIA assisting improving the EARTH. No killing, hate, fighting. TV shows eco-team activity and village improvements, not baseball or other spectator sports.

8. At the Earthgardens, the rule is: MAKE IT GOOD, not FORBID IT. Make it beneficial to all. Transcending the cult of legality that burdens sick societies. If You're tired of living in a police state, (which is what most "developed" nations are becoming) come help us build benevolent natural living !

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