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Above, Jessica shows a visitor the 1 oz. fine silver Earthgardens coin given to all regional ecoteam leaders. Each community issued locally-made silver and gold from dies hand-carved by local community artists, a HUGE boost for regional artistic development and fascinating to visitors recieving for the first time in their lives beautiful local currency.

Unfortunately all the dies, trial strikes, photos of medallions, and diesinking tools, along with the hand-struck "flowers", "seeds", and medalions, were lost when the Bush administration raided and ransacked the Earthgardens headquarters in 2002, under Bolivia's "school of the Americas" graduate, president Banzer. Should anyone travelling in Eastern Bolivia, between Santa Cruz and Samaipata, come across any of these gold and silver pieces, please let us know, as there is considerable collector interest in them.

"Natural gold and silver is too beautiful to be locked away in bank vaults", says princess Daniela, (second from right in photo, during a dance session for local TV). She started in 1998 the prizes listed below. The Earthgardens have been issuing hand struck gold and silver since their beginning in 1991.

Daniel Dalai, Earthgardens founder, says beautiful gold and silver should be made available to kids because of its tremendous effect on the imagination. There's no substitute for the sheer beauty of getting a shiny uncirculated gold or silver prize. He initiates the new issues listed below, to be continued in all future reigns!

1. BEST GARDEN AWARD for the creators of the prettiest gardens here in the Amazongarden. (Fig. 1 below) sterling silver, worn around the neck.

2. FLOWER OF THE HEART AWARD for loving the unloved, affection to the meek, to the unconventional, and the unpopular, and hospitality to strangers.

3.SILVER ALTARS. The princess traditionally leaves these in the most beautiful spots in nature for kids to find (the natural altars). These come in a great variety of designs, all bearing natural motives, like hummingbirds, magic mushrooms, rare mammals, etc.

4. TEAM BADGES as this one of the Aztecs from Oaxaca. Used on their stamps, banners and tents.

5. BADGE OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL GUARDIANS (guardabosques) worn by the older, tougher watchkids who protect the rainforest from burning and pollution.

6. SEEDS OF MERIT. One gram fine silver and fine gold, freely given as gifts of appreciation in the court. These circulate within the garden, exchanged at the going bullion price, and are often worn on necklaces by the girls.

7. FLOWERS OF NOBILITY for great contributions to society, the beautification of the village. Each princess has her design, as seen on these pages.

8. AWARD FOR GREEN TECHNOLOGY applied to the village level, to purify water, provide clean power, etc.

9. CROSS OF BRAVERY, for bravery in saving nature. Gold and silver.

10. STAMPS used on inter-team letters and packages carried by leadership.

MERIT MONEY. (see below) An Earthgarden invention. These "marcos de merito" are given out spontaneously in place of money and are redeemable for very nice things!(but not for junk food, alcohol, useless drugs or agrotoxins, etc.. This is Charity that forms good habits, Earthgardens style!) email us at if you wish to help.

Above, Original artist's sketch of the 1 oz. gold piece to be struck over .999 maple leaves, etc. The dies were never cut due to the loss of all tools and tool steel stock.

Below: Merit money in use today. Prizes for each depends on what items we have from donors. Right now it's beautiful Stickers and coloring pictures.

Used in beautiful Lake Atitlan, kids color the ticket to get prizes, like the bracelets from India at left. If they don't have a stamp, they get prizes for any picture nicely colored (right).

Above, merit money used by the teams promising a page of stickers to the bearer. Design by Daniel Dalai

Below, kids turn in their merit money for pictures to color. Thousands of prizes have been given out for merit money, like books, school supplies, household items, stickers, etc.

EARTHGARDEN RUNES help awaken the imagination of children. Runes represent phoenetic sounds, not English letters. They are used as aesthetic adornment in artwork and in sacred art.


Your Majesty... We can see you want to escape from the rigid Latin letters around your stone head, but you can’t break the rule, so you break another rule instead, that of good taste, and put those little confusing useless lines between every word and you probably think it’s cool.

I don’t know who IRB is, but he or she was very successful in portraying the queen as a lifeless rock, which she indeed tries to be. The initials are insipidly over-conspicuous and share the same rigidity as the whole obverse design.

But the reverse takes the cake. You have to be really separated from all that’s real to approve a design this bad. What’s that fire-stoker in Britannia’s hand? What’s it supposed to symbolize…stoking the fires of hell? Can you think of any other use for it? And I forgot, what’s with the Corinthian helmet? If it had anything to do with defense it wouldn’t be with those exposed sagging tits and gross waistline. The poor owl feels very out of place, wanting to be high in a leafy tree out of sight, but the owl is symbol of a great beauty to be born out of this ugly britannia, and that’s the potential restrikes of this big silver flan. The design says, restrike me, cover my ugliness with something worthy of this noble metal, and the “5 ounces fine silver” says just what we want most, the guarantee that this is indeed (almost half a pound!) of 999 silver. For that assurance we bow down to the queen for her rigid protocol. If you have any of these and want to see them turned into something beautiful, send them to the Earthgardens for restriking, and you’ll get half of them back restruck, valuable, and, for a change, beautiful !.

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