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Princess Blanca,(above, showing local fauna to Tanasha)

Blanca is in charge of river purity this year. She likes to swim. All day! In fact, never to be outdone in mischief, she's been known to be exploring new river currents and whirlpools after a rain, even while her classmates slave away in school. As a result, she's the best swimmer we have. Did we mention she likes to eat? So bring lots of packaged cherry pies if you come to work with her.



Would Bill Gates please come up with something to empty the trash of THE MIND.

Eons of obsolete trash, so crusty it's petrified. Yet these petrified outdated programs in our minds still rule us. It's time to examine and delete. And could we shut off the T.V. for a moment while we do this.

A rare flood-damaged photo of princess LUCI, (with child friend at the springs of the morpho butterflies.) Luci led the sembradores for 2 years,1993-95, always a cheerful and compassionate leader, initiating considerable artistic accomplishments in her town and creating a large following and TV presence.

It's carnaval time in Bolivia !! Eastern Bolivia is more like Brazil than the cold altiplano of La Paz, and customs are relaxed and warmhearted, with no heavy mind-trips, which is a secret to peaceful societies.

Bolivians are among the most peaceful, passive people in the world. Many sociologists have studied this society to find out what makes it so harmonious and docile. (Brazilians, for example, will get loud and emotional while vying for a parking space. Such outpourings would be unheard of in Bolivia.) One factor of this social harmony is the mind of the Bolivians. Bolivians don't use their minds to form fixed opinions. They just use them for daily survival. They laugh more and worry less. If they have just enough money to get them through the day, they are totally content, regardless of tomorrow. They don't judge. Nobody needs to close their doors at night. Bolivia has one of the lowest SOD levels in the world. (SOD: Sancioned Official Dishonesty, spying, sting operations, etc., everyday stuff to governments in more "developed" places, but unheard of in Bolivia and much of the 3rd world.)

Format the mind. Empty the trash.

Hardened dogmas, unwavering standpoints, condemning judgements. Delete them all.


Here you find the dungeons of taboo and bigotry, with a sign saying, "Love and understanding forbidden here!". These mental toxic waste dumps cause you to divide reality into "good" and "bad", so you can deny natural affection to the "bad".

Gentle reader, you are looking at a gentle country, Bolivia, and you may gain one precious lesson from this people:

THERE IS NO OTHER CAUSE OF EVIL, BUT THIS DENIAL OF LOVE that follows when you label something "bad".

Nothing in nature is permanently bad except what the mind, erroneously, perpetuates as such. And ongoing denial of love creates a terrorist. Here the gentle Bolivians, who have never waged a war against anyone, nor issued a traffic ticket, offer us a secret of wisdom of importance at this time in history.

When you see something ugly, say to yourself, "This too, I can find within me to love" and you conquer terrorism, before it has a chance to build up. Human affection is the ultimate weapon. Nothing can resist its healing effect. You can't bomb something into compliance, but you can transform it, through affection into something beautiful.

A clean mind is the abode of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It comes natural here.

Welcome to Bolivia! The "Heart" of South America.

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