You think your bodies are out of shape,


Talk about


Jiggling layers of flab that makes you trip and stumble every time you process anything in the mind. In fact it's so overweight you can't see the world anymore, just your mental images of the world.

and you know why the world is getting so ugly? Because you love only your idea of how things should be and not the real world.

There is only one thing that needs to be loved: the way things are RIGHT NOW, with all their imperfections.

You identify yourselves with imaginary concepts called nations, and you pretend that you have to fight and kill to uphold that concept. So occupied with this make-believe soap opera you´re completely oblivious to the fact that you're destroying the very life-support system that keeps you alive, because THAT reality isn't part of your mindset, the one you mistake for reality.

Perhaps you destroy and kill because you want out.

OUT OF THE MINDSLAG that you can feel, somewhere deep down, instinctively, is killing you.

Let's stop the killing and judging and opposing for just a moment and confront our minds before we completely ruin the planet.



Here in South America the cultural mindset was programmed in the colonial era by delinquent gold-seeking conquistadors uninterested in the cultures they overran, other than to kill or convert at the point of the sword. 95% of the natives suffered painful deaths by smallpox, overworking, or execution. And the trauma dominates present day culture here.

Does that sound like intelligent programming?

Now, in the Earthgardens, we begin the job of reprogramming, this time consciously, a mindset in harmony with the environment and with human nature and with joy.

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